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Thursday, June 7, 2018

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Michael Myers returns in Halloween (2018)

On Wednesday, the second day since the announcement was made that the Halloween trailer would debut this Friday, the second of three daily goodies/treats was unleashed. Those who wanted a trailer now finally got one, a quick teaser.

Here's a transcript of what boils down:

indistinct extreme closeups of the new (aged) Michael Myers mask.

A male voice says, "He killed three innocent teenagers on Halloween night in 1978."

Laurie replies with, "You don't believe in the Boogeyman? You should," followed by a woman screaming.

Our first good look at the damn mask.

Cue John Carpenter's Halloween Theme.



And all the fancy studio/production company logos and HalloweenMovie.com and the usual crap.

And as always, all walks of life have gone into a bull-blown frenzy. For the second (or third, or whatever the hell) day in a row, Halloween trended on Twitter. The official thread on the Official Halloween Message Board (OHMB) has ballooned to about 6 billion pages daily. Luckily, the general public doesn't give a shit about the message board, or else we'd be getting googols of pages every fucking day. The thread is hard enough to navigate, by the time you reach the last new page, there's 50 more pages creeping up on you.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "These nerds should get a life." But don't worry, we should hopefully resume our regular, boring, white-bread-and-corn-flakes lives come Saturday, when we've gotten over our Friday "hangovers" from the trailer high.

The Halloween trailer arrives Friday. The film opens October 19, 2018.