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22 February 2007

Will campaign for dog cookies.

Nipper, the RCA dog and longtime Clinton campaign backer has broken free from his leash on the Clinton family lawn and has run away into the backyard of political rival and son of a former dog trainer, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Clinton campaign spokesmen have claimed that the Obama camp have lured the media icon away with offers of milkbone dog biscuits and promises of three times a day walks at an upscale Chicago dogpark. "We heard them whistling at Nipper from the opposite side of the fence. They were calling him to come to them with offers of belly rubs and kibble. This is a clear violation of campaign laws!" complained a Clinton organizer.

The Obama camp refused to comment on the Clinton allegations, although they would state that "We are proud to have the support of Nipper. He's a such a good boy." and then added, "Oh yes he is!"

Calls made to Nipper at the Obama family doghouse were not returned.