UnNews:Archaeologist Believes He May Have Finally Found the Lost Extension Cord of Cleopatra

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

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Archaeologist and 'Sunday Papers Podcast' host Greg Fitzsimmons.

Finding the lost extension cord of Cleopatra, legendary queen of ancient Egypt, is a kind of holy grail for archeologists. Experts have said that such a discovery would rewrite history and be a once-in-a-century event. One archeologist said he may have achieved just that. Greg Fitzsimmons, an archaeologist at the University of Santo Domingo, has uncovered a box in a closet in Northern Egypt that he believes may lead to Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's long lost extension cord.

Sunday Papers podcast Host and Archaeologist Greg Fitzsimmons with the extension cord that he claims belonged to explorer Christopher Columbus.

The 8-foot-long extension cord, if buried inside the closet, is the result of nearly two decades of searching. "The excavation revealed a huge religious center with three sanctuaries, a sacred lake, more than 1,500 objects, busts, statues, golden pieces, a huge collection of coins portraying Alexander the Great, Queen Cleopatra and the Ptolemies," Fitzsimmons told CNN. "Plus a ham sandwich, an old windsurfing set-up, and a box marked 'Xmas Ornaments'  We think the extension cord's in the Xmas Ornament box.  We REALLY gotta clean out the guest house, I gotta talk to my wife." 

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