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Who cares man, its not supposed to be true[edit]

Even though this article is obviously written firmly tongue in cheek, the section on the relationship between the Third Reich and Imperial Japan probably rings true. The nazi loonies really did go all over looking for "aryans" and thought that the Japanese, although non-white, were very 'aryan' in how they lived. No, scratch that, very aryan in the way the Germans THOUGHT the Japanese lived. Their notions of Japan were totally preconceived and this lead to lots of problems in the Axis later on such as the Germans not understanding why the Japanese would not attack Russia to help them.

Urban Dictionary[edit]

Whoever created this stole the whole first section pretty much directly from the Urban Dictionary article.


isnt this the best example ever of a wapanese person?? maybe she should be mentioned somewhere

The ultimate proof that weeabooism is'nt only a white's thing[edit]


I understand that Mr-ex777 rewrote this and that NeXT reverted this rewrite. Now, I don't think either version is really very successful, so here's an idea: try writing it from the opposite point of view. At the moment it seems to seriously disparage Wapanese and weeaboos (though Mr-ex claims not to have a personal grudge); I'm not sure this strategy really works, so maybe it could be written in a style that appears to glorify the subject but in fact underlines details of how it's really not that great, kind of like HowTo:Be an Emo. Just a thought. I don't feel qualified to do much with this since I'm not familiar with it. – Llwy-ar-lawr (talkcontribslogs) Uncyclopedia is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge! UncyclopediaUncyclopediaIllogicopediai:fr:LogimalpediePaudurapedyjaFrithchiclipeidUncapaediaAbsurdopediaScotypedia 22:29, 13 October 2013 (UTC)