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what does "to have jews watch arab eye for the jewish guy" mean? queer ee for the startyaij' guy

The charter should be in here since it's pretty funny, even without being edited. I've added a section but it might ramble a bit. If you get rid of it, might be worth just adding the charter anyway. --Concernedresident 18:24, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

Very well written, although accurate for the most part it is very funny.. Add something about the Quassams (rockets) that they use to attack Israel.. Their homemade and have no accuracy at all which means they have no care for who or what it hits, and they use children as well as their own people as human shields and turn houses and schools into terrorist infestructures. (sp) Which is the reason why the media was concentrating on the hundreds of "so called civilian Deaths and raids on palestinian homes and schools." Rather than the fact that Hamas were firing out of those structures endangering their own people. Further exampling their lack of respect for life... Their doctrine call for the Murder of thousands of Jews and the establishment of a Islamic Theocracy in a land which was never theirs.. My Professor once talked about the country of Palestine and I chuckled at his obvious error. When he questioned me as to why I was laughing I asked him to pull out a Map and show me where this "palestine" is located. For obvious reasons he could not do it. However do not make the assumption that all Palestinians are the "bad guys" its the Hamas Israel is after. Which is a political terrorist group made up of Palestinians supported by Iran and Syria. This is the reason why Israel is not so happy with Iran's decision to make nuclear weapons, this is because of its backing of the destruction not only Israel but all Israelis as well. illuding to an almost certain conflict in the future that the USA will have to defend as we always do.-bjc@Auburn University, February 5th 2009 AD