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Star Wars opening crawl

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The Star Wars opening crawl is the opening crawl for the movie Star Wars, and the fifteen sequels which it spawned. It's famous because it makes moviegoers read before watching a movie, which would normally piss people off but it's slanted at an angle and there's music so they don't care.


George Lucas wanted some shit to crawl on the screen. "I want some fancy-ass text," he said. So they had a camera pan over some text which had to be stenciled or painted, fuck I don't know how they did movies in the 1940's. Now they use CGI, which is great, so they don't have to put any effort into anything. You can even do it on websites and shit.

Also, some words are CAPITALIZED because they're IMPORTANT. If you put too many words people will fall asleep. Here's a picture of Princess Leia.


Cultural impact

Star Wars fans obsess over everything, so when the new movie comes out they'll cream their pants when they see the yellow text at an angle because they have low expectations.

The opening crawl is an important part of film history, because no film before in the history of filmmaking ever had text before a movie came on...

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