Sacred Rules of Strangers

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The Sacred Rules of Strangers are the guidelines that all strangers must follow in order to be considered a stranger. The rules are very strict and if they a stranger doesn't follow them, they are labeled an imposter.

The Rules[edit | edit source]

The Perfect Stranger

The Sacred Rules of Strangers

  • Section I: Physical Guidelines
  • To be a stranger, you must meet these physical requirements:
    • 1. You must not be a midget.
    • 2. You must be albino.
    • 3. You must be at least 24 years of age.
    • 4. You must be a man.
  • Section II: Keeping your Identity a Secret
  • To keep your identity a secret, you must do the following things when being a stranger at all times:
    • 1. You must always speak in as low of a voice as possible.
    • 2. You must always wear a black or dark grey coat, pair of pants, hat and sunglasses.
    • 3. Your head must always be slanted downwards to hide your face behind your hat.
    • 4. You must act very nicely to the children.
    • 5. If you have an accent, try to talk in a different accent.
  • Section III: Candy and Kidnapping
  • Remember: when giving out candy, you must give it to them while they are next to an open door of your car. Here are the guidelines for giving out candy and kidnapping children:
    • 1. All children that you give candy to and kidnap cannot be older than 12 years of age.
    • 2. All albino kidnapped children must be trained how to become strangers.
    • 3. All non-albino kidnapped children must be eaten. See HowTo:Cook Children for details. If you kidnap more non-albino children than you can possibly eat in a day, the excess children should be chained to poles in your basement.
    • 4. Candy that you should give out: Marriott Hotel complimentary chocolates, Lindt truffles, Kit-Kats, Reese's Cups and Jr. Mints. Make sure the candy is laced with PCP (cocaine or heroin can be substituted if PCP is not available).
    • 5. Candy that you should not give out: Twizzlers, rocks, women named Candy, and anything else not listed above.
  • Section IV: Miscellaneous Rules
  • These are rules that do not have anything to do with the above sections:
    • 1. You must drive a black car.
    • 2. You must stay in each town for at least two days and don't do any kidnappings until the final day. Exception: any children who walk through your yard as a shortcut on their way to school, the bus stop, or the playground must be kidnapped immediately. A large, vicious dog, to bite them and pin them down, is recommended for this purpose.
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