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This is a good example of pwnography, no lame PS effects, just pure pwnography

A pwnographer is a person who takes photo's of pwnage. The resulting product is Pwnography. This should not be seen as a form of pr0nography which is in fact largely different as this art form is in no way related to photographing male or female genitalia.

How to take good pictures[edit]

The secret to taking pwnographic shots is hanging around in a place where pain and humiliation occurs readily. Such places include, but are not limited to;

  1. High School, the place where there opportunities are lurking around every corridor.
  2. Sporting fields, like wise there are limitless possibilities for, above all else pain.
  3. National parks, Bears attacking people in their cars, guaranteed FUN!
  4. World Trade Centre's, possibly one of the most excessively used pieces pwnography in existence, hanging around your local World Trade Centre is bound to produce funny results.

Setting up the shot[edit]

  1. To set up an ultimate pwnage shot get a n00b to join in without him knowing what is happening

Be creative with this n00b and dont worry about feelings. E.G First: Lay a large branch, stick or other long object on the ground. Get them to run as awkwardly as they can and then throw bricks at it till its course is set for the object and watch it fall.

Taking the shot[edit]

This is NOT pwnography, lame PS effects, bad text, not humorous...

There is a fine line between Pwnography and n00bography; there are many ways to avoid this.

  1. Confer with a friend, see if they deem the shot to be worthy of the title pwnography. If it is not, expect to be bitch slapped, it's the only way you will learn.
  2. Has it been done before? Or if it has, can you do it in a original, humorous way? If no, request a bitch slap. Be discipline.

Editing the shot[edit]

  1. when you add text, make it stand out, DO NOT use yellow, or BRIGHT colours, this completely destroys the shot.
  2. Try not to add anything foreign to the photo, pwnography critic's are xenophobic, and will give you bad reviews, this you do not want.
  3. Remove large areas of nothing, anything that isn't making the shot good is detracting from it potential.

Posting the shot[edit]

  1. Choose a place to post it, have a image hosting page where you pwnography can be displayed in a way that it will get the most traffic. So putting it on myspace with your profile hidden like a complete fucking n00b will get you nowhere, prepare to be bitch slapped.
  2. Put a link to your pwnography in you signature for whatever site you may use.
  3. Tell your friends, the bet is they too have friends, who in turn will spread you delicious pwnography to their friends etc. etc.

Don't forget, there is ALWAYS someone better than you and if you are lucky enough, you suck badly enough to be at the bottom of the pwnography chain, which means you can only get better, look at other pwnographer's work and you SHOULD improve. Alternately you can get dead, because you are incapable of getting your shit together.

If you think of yourself as a good pwnographer, perhaps you should consider a course in pwnography at University of Cambridge, one of the leading pwnography universities in the world.

Pwnography or not?

Sub Genres[edit]

An alternative concept has developed by the more adept pwnography enthusiasts which involves taking a photo of a cat and writing text the relates somewhat to the image with particular emphasis or poor grammar and spelling, to make it "More cute and kitten like". However, there is an internal struggle as to placing this into a specific catergory, and therefore can only be identified by specific definition as opposed to being grouped with a name.

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