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Owner: Pornopedia
Author: Yorgos
Type: Adult Online Encyclopedia
Current Status: Online beta
Launch Date: December 2005
Registration: Trademark
Revenue: Service providers to pimps

Pornopedia is an intense intent to spread The Word, to educate, to teach people how to eat a clit or penis and "take care" of your sexy body, mind and soul.
It is also an online, internet pornography encyclopedia project inspired by tequila, an insatiable appetite for anything thing related to bums, tits and willies and a need to unite a fractured world. Pornopedia is dedicated to offering a sight impeding amount of porn and information designed to educate, illuminate and fornicate.
If you are some sad and lonely fuck who can't get a girlfriend or boyfriend to do stuff to, if you are the kind of people who can’t even get a date with a blow up doll, if you have to take your grandmother’s dog out back to practice kissing on, then this is your promised land, your ark, your last train to Clarksville.
Secondly, if you get more pussy than a bulldog or suck more cock than a chicken you are equally welcome to share your sexpertize with these freaky guys that run the wiki. You might even learn something.
If you have been diagnosed as a pornoholic or sex addict by a professional…or a family member then come in from the cold uncaring world and take a seat in the church of orgasm and pray alongside your own kind.
If you unconsciously and consistently type the word “cum” instead of “come” when writing to your lawyer or replying to your bosses email then you really do need help and you are not going to find it there so f**k off.
If you are one of those lucky bastards who actually works in the porn industry, you too have a home, a place to share learn and create all things pornographic. I am reminded of something Jabba the Hut said on the set of the original Star Wars film. He said and I quote… ”Get that fat fuck Larry Flynt out of here before I puke. He is putting me off my lines godammit”.


We were so bored to see all these comments about Wikipedia and its porn content that we decided to create a wiki for all pornoholics to contribute there. Excuse us for our terrible English but we are from Greece, Catalonia and Madagascar.
That's why we know a lot about porn! Pornopedia is a place for sharing, community building and entertainment.

Pornopedia's Admin full of love

The project started in 2005,[1] when various webmasters from around the globe lost their jobs and decided to create a place where they could place all their copylefted and even copyrighted porn content and knowledge about the adult industry. Their dream is to establish a meeting point for users and professionals (this way the professionals can freely obtain porn consume tendencies and save tons of bucks from investigation. The open nature of the website is also a promise land for everyone that is opposed to Google Ads and doesn't want to spend a cent in advertisement. Pornopedia is a fucking huge bucket full of porn!!! The exact words of the wiki's Admin where: "I will build the web’s most complete database related to sex and porn".
During 2009 Pornopedia updated it's software and content.[2] As Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia, Pornopedia is also using the Mediawiki software. It permits the user to edit, to spam, to destroy others work and create ugly articles and stubs.
Try creating one yourself or edit an existing one!


A sculpture inspired by Pornopedia's content.

It's difficult to describe all the crap that you can find inside.
There is a huge list of people that have participated to porn movies; We are going to call them "Porn Stars" from now on. All their movies, films and videos are listed too so that you can easily come across a massive archive, write reviews and preview trailers. Put any sex or porn related term in the search box, fasten your seatbelt and fly... There are articles about almost every subject: Paraphilias, Sex education, Society, News, Stars...
Many articles where retrieved from Wikipedia, The mainstream Pornopedia ;) and properly attributed using the special attribution template[3]. Pornopedia's content is available under Creative Commons too.
Unlike porn websites, which are obliged by law to warn about their contents, Wikipedia does not restrict the access to any of its articles. For example, the entry titled "Pornographic film" explains the techniques of making an adult movie by a snapshot of gay porn directed by Michael Lucas.[4]
Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA), said: "Perhaps Wikipedia should change its name to Pornopedia".
THANK GOD this is not true because this would harm a lot the poor guys that are taking care of Pornopedia's server and community.


This doesn't mean that all kind of spammers are constantly invading the site to place their cheap links!
The spam policy is clear enough[5] but many webmasters from the porn industry become very rude just for some dollars.

Even though some times they have the possibility to meet interesting people, Admins have to spend a lot of time cleaning.

Pornopedia's Admin cleaning some shit

Technical data[edit]

Pornopedia is powered by Mediawiki[6]. By July 2009 it is running MediaWiki 1.14 version. The database management system is a 5.1.22-rc-log MySQL and the PHP version is 5.2.0-8+etch10 (apache2handler). The Apache server is a 2.2.3 (Debian). Pornopedia would like to thank the open source community for all their effort.[7]


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