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The competition of your lifetime

All your skills will be tested here

The Uncompetent Competition


The Uncompetent Competition is another one of those crappy article/photo competitions. There will be five judges, and five categoreies. There will be a winning thing for each category, and two runners-up.

How It Works

You can apply to be a judge in the /Judge's Corner. You can nom and vote on four judges until 13 February 2013 when the highest scoring judges will be used.
Once there are five judges (including y), the competitoin will start.
Then you can apply for a category in the appropriate section by 20 February 2013.
The judges will decide your topic in the /Judge's Corner and let you know on your talkpage.
Once you have started your article, let the judges know in the #Disco ussion.
You will have 10 DAYS to complete your article on the topic.
Once you are done, let us know in the #Disco ussion and we will add it and judge it in the /Judge's Corner.


Best Article


Best Article by a n00b


Best Photo


Best Photo by a n00b


Best Non-Mainspace Article



Disco ussion

Discussion. ~Y KUN — 07 February MMXIII 23-26-14

When is this supposed to end? --EMC [TALK] 02:03 Feb 8 2013
I'm not sure I exactly understand the competition. What do you mean by assigning topics? What are we supposed to write? What's the competition about? --ShabiDOO 02:24, 8 February 2013 (UTC)
The judges give the people he topics, and they write about it. ~Y KUN — 09 February MMXIII 22-10-34 ¿
Whenever we finish judging the articles. ~Y KUN — 09 February MMXIII 22-10-34
Well this seems about as well thought out as something about incompetence oughta be -- Mr. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing 07:46, 13 February 2013 (UTC)