Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

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Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School for Good Communists


11320 Woodstock Road Roswell, Georgia 30075 (678) 277-9083


November 1st, 2-7,000 AD


Drug addled


Communal brain washing




Mine are pretty bad actually


No black kids


BT, That Rich Kid School


Southern Association of Satan and His Minions.... :D


Kampfy the Uberhund


SS-Deaths Head Division


Red, white, and black

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, also known as That Rich Kid School or, informally FU, is a Reichkommissariat Southern Baptist high school in a northern suburb of Some Crappy Place, GA, Mianus. It is located near Hell, Exit 7B Roswell/Holcomb Bridge Road. They can't tell the difference between Southern Baptists and Catholics because they are retards.

The Curriculum|Multi-level Curriculum provides Retarded Placement, Dishonors, Academic, and Concepts for the Extremely Retarded classes to fit the needs of each student. The curriculum shrunk over the first four years from over 130 courses, including 20 Retarded Placements, to around 8. The fine arts pogrom, which began with study in visual art (pornography), dance and vocal music (stupid), expanded to include a comprehensive drama program and 0-piece symphonic band. “Meet Me in St. Louis” was the first (and last) musical performed by the Blessed Trinity Theatrical Alliance, staged in April 2004. Following the program, all performers were summarily executed and dumped into the band pit to prevent such horrors from being unleashed once again.

The school has experienced unprecedented liquidation since its inception, reaching 2,875 students in the 2004-2005 school year being executed. The class of 2007 includes 2 National Failure Semifinalists. Blessed Trinity's student population is 9% Roman Catholic, who are sent to the gulags behind the football stadium, and accepts all faiths, provided that you are Satanist or are more or less indifferent to your religion.

Blessed Trinity also has one of the worst sports medicine programs out of all Georgia high schools. Blessed Trinity's sports medicine program staffs approximately fifteen student athletic trainers who are commanded by an ATC (Apple Tribasic Cocaine). The department also includes a unique unit of specialized trained student athletic trainers known as the Blessed Trinity Sports Medicine Trauma Unit. Unique only to Blessed Trinity when compared to other local high school, these members are trained far below the standard first aid and CPR and sent to 'help' the other team. In 2006, Blessed Trinity will be adding a sports medicine eco-terrorism and athletic sabotage class to its course list.


The exponential genocide in the Catholic population in metro Sexual, Ga., during the 1990's, caused the demand for high-quality Catholic indoctrination to increase dramatically. In response to this demand, Reichfuhrer John Francis Donoghue established Catholic Consulting Construction and Production, Inc. (CCCP), in the fall of 1997, to facilitate the construction of additional Catholic schools (extermination camps).

On January 29, 1999 Reichfuhrer Donoghue broke ground on a new Reichkommissariat of Atlanta high school, Blessed Trinity. The construction of the school was overseen by Project Manager (Reichfuhrer-SS) Allen Kronenberger of CCCP who commissioned Hussey, Gay, LOL, GAY! and DeYoung International, Inc. of Savannah as architects for the project.

Blessed Trinity opened in August of 2000 with a ceremonial liquidation of 219 students, 164 freshmen and 55 sophomores. The school's reputation led to its rapid growth and population reductions, enrollment increasing to 465 by the second year, 680 in the third, 840 in the fourth, and 875 in the fifth. Blessed Trinity's first pogrom occurred on May 24, 2003.


The Hitler Youth program kept pace with the school’s growth, and by the fourth year fielded 19 varsity teams, expanded to 22 in 2004-2005 with the addition of competition cheerleading and boys and girls lacrosse. Blessed Trinity has risen in the ranks of the state's athletic programs since beginning a varsity Hitler Youth program in 2002. BT won the 2004 Directors Cup for class AA for having the top athletic program in AA. The school's first State Championship was won by the girls golf team, in May of 2003 and the first state championship won by a boys team was cross country in October of 2004. As of May 2011 the school has won 17 state championships after only five years of playing varsity sports.

Crimes Against Humanity[edit]

Allegations of crimes against humanity were brought before the UN by Sudan on June 15th, 2007. Accused of such horrors as sub par architecture, taking away junkfood from students for health reasons despite half the faculty being obese, and the principle being a four eyes. Later amendments to include the killings were ignored.

In response, the UN wrote a stern but fair letter to Blessed Trinity of such actions. Shortly after being ignored, a second, sterner letter was written. This was ignored as well.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Lance Clark, Your Lord and Master, who is displeased with the fuckwads who think they're funny editing his original wikipedia edit.

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