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The old word, Ungoogleable can no longer be used due to it now being a Google Trade Mark. Hey, they had nothing better to do, did they?

Asdioawetanbmvpsdap can now be found in Google! We can all pat ourselves on the back.
We just thought you should know that Wikipedia HAVE NOT yet had a chance to make a sarcastic article with infactual information about: Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow. Please create one so I can laugh at it, though...

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow, aka "The Ungoogleable Word", is a word that would never return a Google result. However, due to the fact asdioawetanbmvpsdapow has just been typed, it will soon be officially searchable. For this reason the word had to be given a new meaning so that it would make more sense.

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow is now a word describing words that can't be searched for using Google. These words are very important to the human race since they help prevent Google from taking over the world (via having the answer to everything). Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow words are often hard to pronounce although dictionary writers are studying the correct ways to write the pronunciations so people can begin to use them in everyday language.

Note that if any website attempts to give you an asdioawetanbmvpsdapow word, you must not trust it as after a few minutes/hours/days or months, it will no longer be a asdioawetanbmvpsdapow word.

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow Examples[edit | edit source]

Here are some simple examples of asdioawetanbmvpsdapow words.

  • Spafhttpswak - This word is used to describe a Secure HTTP Connection (HTTPS) that is Spaffy and Wak.
  • Kerplunksky - This is not an asdioawetanbmvpsdapow word.
  • Google - Although not technically an asdioawetanbmvpsdapow word, typing it into Google would end all existence, so no one would ever see the search results for it.

We will attempt to update this list regularly as asdioawetanbmvpsdapow words tend to expire after certain periods.

Contrary to popular belief, words not included in the dictionary aren't necessarily asdioawetanbmvpsdapow's, because Google can usually come up with a result for them.

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow's can only be one word, not a phrase. Phrases with no Google results are something different.

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapowism[edit | edit source]

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapowism is the creation of asdioawetanbmvpsdapow words, which is done by asdioawetanbmvpsdapowists. Asdioawetanbmvpsdapowism is when a person taps random combination's of letters on their keyboard in order to form a asdioawetanbmvpsdapow-like word. However, if the random tapping happens to spell a word that Google finds a result for, this is not asdioawetanbmvpsdapowism.

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

Whilst the Phonetics of the word are not yet known, there are a few tips on pronunciation, which should be considered by anyone sad enough to build the phonetics.

"Asdioawetanbmvpsdapow" is pronounced exactly how it looks.

Asdioawetanbmvpsdapowism is pronounced similarly, but with "ism" added to the end. Instead of showing you how to pronounce asdioawetanbmvpsdapow, we'll show you how to pronounce asdioawetanbmvpsdapowism as that's like 2 lessons in one (just take away the ism, innit).

The first "A" MUST be rolled like the Spanish letter "rr". "Asdio" should be pronounced in the way "Austio" is. The following "a" is silent. In "wetan" there is a long e. In "bmvps" the "b" and "m" are silent, the "vps" is pronounced "vups" and the "da" following should be used like "ta" so it is said "vupsta". "powism" should be said like "pewism", a silent "w" is optional. The last letter, "m" should be held for 2 seconds as in the word "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (yes, that's 2 seconds worth of m's). The word should be said in a Mexican accent otherwise it's considered to not be pronounced properly and is extremely offensive to all 1337's.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In ye olde days (2000-2006) webmasters used to use asdioawetanbmvpsdapow's in order to hide websites from public view by making them not show up well in Google. This would be done by adding lot's of asdioawetanbmvpsdapow's to the website, crippling the websites Pagerank, which would make Google Bots (robots that go around scanning websites in order to give Google "ok" results) not bother to add it on the first Google result pages. This proved a brilliant way to hide illegal stuff. However, Google later decided that they would improve their search engine by adding results manually. Meaning that these websites would get seen more and the makers would probably get caught. Of course, by this point people had figured out they could have the sites online legally, simply by having the servers in certain countries as nothing is illegal in every country.

Nowadays, asdioawetanbmvpsdapow's are mainly used to prevent Google from being a know-it-all. For example:

Google Our search engine has the answer to EVERYTHING.
User Oh really, what about zxxczxyasmfgpbles?
Google Umm... We'll add it later.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, this page has not just been created to proove that this word exists by using it so much that asdioawetanbmvpsdapow starts being used on so many websites worldwide that Google will start recognizing it as a real word and then I'd get payed £20 when I show my friend what happens when you search for it in Google. However, if you own a website, blog or simply have the ability to talk, try using the word "asdioawetanbmvpsdapow" as often as possible. Cheers.

P.S. If this word does catch on... Remember, I TYPED IT FIRST! (I think). Hahahahaaaa!

Yes, it's now officially embedded into Google. Now let's wait for the day when someone bashes their keyboard, accidentally types this word and can smile at the fact Google has it. By the way, Google, sorry for wasting your time with such a useless word.

Similar[edit | edit source]

Although the word has not been completely created yet (we're 37% done), there will soon be a word to describe a word or phrase returning only 1 Google result. This is a rare phenomenon that actually seems to happen quite often.

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