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The Age of consent, and in a less sexual manner, Age of majority, is, besides the GDP, the definitive measure of a country's quality. The age of consent defines at what age a child is able to do adult activities such as: filing taxes, getting wasted, signing a contract, moving out, and the crushing realization of all your future student loan debt, but most importantly, SEX!!! That's right my men, it's time we have a little talk about the age of 16 or 18 (in the U.S.A) and uh... the age of 15 (in Saudi Arabia. Buy your tickets, now Dave).

Now that may seem scary for women, what with members flying around all willy-nilly and your phone being in the other room and a gun at your head, but don't worry gals! More likely than not you'll make it out of that situation, because wiggers like that are too pussy most of the time, but 18 is the age that men are legally obligated to pay child support, so you'd get a little something-something no matter what! (technically 15 in Saudi Arabia... but I don't know if Islam requires men to do that...)

Overview and Trends[edit]

Most of the Western World defines the age of consent as either 18 or 21 (depending on context). This includes countries you're probably in, such as Greece, the U.K., and most of America (there are some savages in Alabama and the like). But the places that you'd be more interested in going are in the Middle East... just get a tan, become Muslim, and jump in, sir, because the age of consent in most countries there is 15, or at least below 18. It may be dangerous and expensive to go there, but if you just can't wait to dig in, you'd better find a private investor fast, since most girls there are married off at 9 anyway, so you'd better get to work if you don't want to take out a whole city! (which is what ISIS was doing anyway...)

Violation of the Rules[edit]

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As fun as this all may be, there are some people who violate these rules. You know who those people are. And you don't want to be one of them. You'll never find anyone again, even after the age of consent! But don't worry, Dave! Let me tell you about false sexual assault accusations...