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“I once attempted to insert something bad about Hillary Clinton. I don't even want to tell what happened next.”

An anonymous wikipedia editor

3RR (short for "Three Revert Rule", and pronounced "Threerer") is a policy on Wikipedia designed to put a stop to edit wars. The policy is:

When two or more parties are involved in an edit war, the first to revert to their version three times wins. This is especially true if there was a reference to Nazism or Hitler in the edit summary (cf. Godwin).


For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about 3RR.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

The 3RR rule seems like a method to maintain objectiveness onto Wikipedia pages but all it does is to protect misinformation from being replaced by facts. This is most commonly abused on articles related to Jews and Liberals but can be seen on other stuff like medicine, biology, and religion. For example, if you would go to a page about Black Lives Matter or Antifa and label it as a roving criminal organization, an admin who is 99.9% a beta male with a small dick likely worshipping those 2 groups will instead say that YOU are the person posting POV and if you revert it 3 times, another admin will come in, likely a 30 year old landwhale and she will ban your ass. If you justify you are right on the admin's talk page or the article talk page, you will be raped in hell by the brazen adminship.

Be noted the 3rr rules don't apply to the admins but only you, the puny wikipeasant. Kings don't need to follow rules; Only Peasants do.

An enforcer of 3RR, as he appears on the internet
An enforcer of 3RR, as he appears in real life

Examples of subjects commonly subject to 3RR[edit | edit source]

All of the subjects are most notably for being WRONG on Wikipedia's angle, not right. If they would be right, they won't even bother to cover it this way.

  • Israeli and Palestine related articles: Wikipedia worships Israel. Therefore, agents from Israel are often patrolling these pages, and if you don't praise the holy chosen people or don't call the enemies of the god's chosen people scum, get ready to be raped and beaten by a bloody pulp.
  • Articles related to revolutions and riots: Yeah, because the revolutionaries are completely right, are bright, aspiring democracy lovers, and not corrupt at al while anyone who opposes them are the spawn of satan.
  • Articles related to Religion: They hate religion, their only religion is Marxism. Or Cultural Marxism.
  • Far Left and Far Right articles: Say anything bad against the far left or say anything good against the far right and you will be beaten to a bloody pulp. Who is the far right now?
  • Social Justice Related Subjects: You can't choose not to be Gay, Transgender or Feminist because you are born Gay, Transgender or Feminist, and not because your government brainwashed you with their glorified poop.
  • Politics: If some policitian does not support their agenda, they will be called a quack.
  • Cancer: I dare you just go and try listing cannabis or other natural cures as cures for cancer and Chemoteraphy, Surgery and radiation are total garbage. I dare you. I don't know what will happen but 4 16 year old try hard medical quacks from Singapore will tie you in a chair and beat you to a bloody pulp.
  • Communism: They worship communism. Don't mess with them; 3 times offending the mighty Lenin and you are out.

Also, chances are if you are a legit expert of the subject and go to Wikipedia to share your real knowledge, expect yourself to be kicked out in an hour. The enforcers of the 3RR are kings and you are just a self obsessed peasant (Or so they say.)

How do you stop the 3RR enforcers from destroying your soul?[edit | edit source]

Why are you here editing Uncyclopedia, fool? Go do something constructive!

Like...share your knowledge somewhere else?

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