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This is where you can put pages that are so blatantly crappy that they don't need to go through a long voting process to be deleted. This includes pages that are just one unfunny sentence, and pages that are plagiarized (include a link to the original source). The goal of QuickVFD is that pages here will be deleted on the same day that they are posted.

  • If the article is not quite delete-on-sight (and less than a week old) use the {{ICU}} template, but make sure that you know how to use ICU correctly by fully reading the instructions.
  • In some cases, a collection of short stubs (such as a large group of short, individual city or regional descriptions for one country) can be combined to create one new article.
  • It may also be possible to add the content from a very short article to another article on a similar subject.


Notes for posting:

  • VFD rules still apply: Uncyclopedia:Deletion Policy
  • Because of the nature of QuickVFD, you should not add any type of template or notice to the page.
  • Put the newest pages at the top of the section for the day that you post, with a space at the beginning of each line to make a box around them.
  • Try to keep discussion out of the box, by not putting a space at the beginning of the line.
  • Do not sign QVFD nominations. It just takes up space and annoys people.
  • List redirects using {{redirect}}, e.g. {{redirect|Stupid page}}.
  • If requesting old versions of images be deleted, make it clear you do not want all revisions deleted. Prefix with '''Old version(s) of this image:''' for example (or at least do not have the image link as the first part of the line).
  • Please don't add articles with expired NRV/ICU tags to this page; it has a separate process and putting it here is just clutter. Instead, bother some admin to do some maintenance.
  • To add any entry, add a : to the start of the link; this way, this page won't be infected.
e.g. [[:Category:Namehere]] or [[:Image:p0rn.png]]
  • If you are neither an administrator nor a designated poopsmith, do not remove anything from QVFD; doing so will get you banned for a very long time.

Notes for Administrators:

The QVFD process
  • Remember to check the page's history before deleting.
  • Because the goal is to keep things quick, signing after deletion is not necessary.
  • If you keep a page, please note why it was kept - (stubbed), (ICU), (Expand), etc.
  • When you are done, place {{QVFD checked}} at the top of the box.

How to quickly find QVFDable articles (using special pages):


Today's date is February 16. If a header does not already exist for this day, please create one. If this day does not exist, don't bother.

February 16

Noa mellblom — non-notable person: vanity or cyberbullying
Who wants to be a millionaire
FC Barcelona
Aparat Fotograficzny Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem Oraz Dodatkowo Wi-Fi
Aparat Fotograficzny Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem A Takze Wi-Fi
Kamera Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem A Takze Wi-Fi
Aparat Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem Jak I Rowniez Wi-Fi
Aparat Fotograficzny Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem Jak I Rowniez Wi-Fi
Kamera Wraz Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem Oraz Dodatkowo Wi-Fi
Stewie Griffin (Stewart Gilligan Griffin)
Narzedzie Wraz Z Innowacyjnym Autofokusem I Wi-Fi
Shaymin — this article isn't sky forme
Finn (Star Wars)
Eugene H. Krabs
Glowny Punkt Sprzedania Jak Rowniez Obrobki Szkla Plaskiego I Luster
Srodek Reklamy Jak I Rowniez Przerobki Szkla Plaskiego I Luster
Chris Atkinson — no prose
Talk:Non-disclosure agreement/text
Page10 — who needs the world when we have VR
Page9 — a one character vandal
Page8 — another boring vandal page
Page7 — whatever
Page6 — and so on
Page5 — etc.
Page4 — ditto
Page3 — vandals are so unoriginal
Page2 — vandal page 2
File talk:PhoneNewspaperGuy.png
File talk:ManandSpearandHuntandSky.jpg
Talk:Internet comedy: interview with Graham Chapman
Uncle grandpa Good mornin!
Stupid Fucking Bullshit 😁
Most exclusive website.com
User:BeatrizBeckenbau — the dollar is high on LSD
HowToGetBanned:RedirectIndex — spam
HowToGetBanned:UserLogin — spam
HowToGetBanned:CreateAccount — spam
Nigger poop — new featured article
Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale — Wtf
User:Boratfan — bye
Trans bs The thing to Do to get Air Condition notrans — spam
Trans bs Some Main Air conditioning units notrans — spam
User:DevonSherrill61 — no
User talk:Magic Turd is a Turd — I'm just QVFDing these.
Category:Uncyclopedians thinking that MagicBus betrayed Uncyclopedia — The world's in trouble
Category:Uncyclopedians thinking that MagicBus swallows stinky turds in juicy diarrhea's sauce — Fuck you
User:Magic Turd is a Turd — Go eat a turd, turd
MagicBus likes to eat my turds and wanks his micropenis thinking to my stinky turds. He is a micropenised asshole envious of my soopa-long dick (never long as OUR GREAT LEADER FROSTY), and is a traitor — Shit
If da Great and Always Rightful and Long-Dicked (66.6 inches) Leader Sir Frosty not into comings back, I'll suicide myself now — No
File:Turd.JPG — taken down for a reason obviously
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Uncyclopedia:Uncyclopedia/Null (2nd nomination) — No
Forum:English Wikipedia
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Internet (BANNED) (page) — Something has to be done
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Internet (BANNED) — No
User:Test account (Uncyclopedia) — Not sure if sock...
Internet (BANNED) — What?
User talk:You mad bro? (Uncyclopedia) — Ban him please
Construction — What
Bovril — fails HTBFANJS - looks like a test
Category:Wolverhamptonish Turdyclopedians
User talk:Trollipop Turd Heil Comic Sans — stop it
User:Trollipop Turd Heil Comic Sans — vandalism
Wolverhampton upon The Juicy Taste of Diarrhea — vandalism
Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections — Wikipedia spork, lacks humor
Wolverhampton upon The Super Long Dick of Frosty and The Super Juicy Turds of Roman Dog Turd and Plos RAHB I Luv Yuo but use RAHBot — Vandalpage
File:6F3p3B6U.jpeg — grrreeeaattt
User talk:Faraonosty's Elite Commando — shut the hell up
User:Faraonosty's Elite Commando — no get the hell out
Jimmy mccann — This is some random trash.
Atom (internet thingy) — Nope
User:Replicauhr05 — OMG

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