UnNews:The Gremlins took over Cypress Hill's Instagram, killing massive amount of serious children

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Some hill in the Cyprus area -- In the first hostile takeover of gremlins on a human civilization in several decades, a group of gremlins took over the Instagram account of the hip-hop band Cypress Hill. The attack resulted in the deaths of 464,000 serious children, who unfortunately were following the band on Instagram at the time of the attack. Apparently the takeover was so funny that the children, who were too serious to begin with, simply died laughing by looking at the shockingly hilarious photos at Cypress Hill's Instagram.

It is currently known that some of the children were saved by Mary Poppins, who was the only grownup human being present at the disaster area. The CEO of Instagram has requested that the public will remain calm and avoid mentioning the attack on social media, so that further attacks will not be encouraged. The CEO went on asking the public to use only weasel words to describe the happenings, as was done in this article, brought to you courtesy of UnN- Gremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.pngGremlin-icon.png INSTA INSTA INSTA ASSASSINS ASSASSINS LOLOLOLOL