Who can PROOVE that 1+1 is 2 ?

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The question appeared on the BBS.

“Fuck you Mileva”

~ Albert Einstein on not knowing the answer to the question

“Fuck you Albert”

~ Nikola Tesla on also not knowing the answer to the question

Who can PROOVE that 1+1 is 2 ? is a question posed by Albert Einstein in 1993 on his BBS while he was in a drunk state. Nobody has been able to figure out the answer to this question... yet, as there were no people that could prove this.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Einstein was a sysop of the BBS named Relativity BBS, under the nickname of Emc2. In 1992, he made a little section in the BBS named Brainfood of The Day, where he was asking very interesting questions, such as "What is 6÷2(1+2) ?". Who says the right answer first, gets attention for the rest of the day. Every question has been solved in a day so far.

One day, after Einstein came back drunk from the pub, he tried of thinking of a new question for the section. He was thinking for hours and hours, and at the end, like he always does, he asked his wife Mileva to help him. Off the top of her head, she said: "Who can prove that 1+1 is 2?". Because Einstein didn't know how to exactly spell prove, he typed in proove instead, and that's how did this question get its final form: "Who can PROOVE that 1+1 is 2 ?"

Consequences[edit | edit source]

Needless to say, this question wasn't solved in a day. The notorious users of this BBS struggled to think of any answers to this question. Even the brightest and the smartest ones, like Nikola Tesla, known under his nickname TeslaProudSerb, didn't manage to get an answer to this question. Tesla quit the server that day because he was so disappointed. Einstein was disappointed too, because nobody solved the question, and, even worser, he didn't know the answer. 30 minutes later, the server was closed and abandoned without any notice, so the server's chat logs remain unarchived.

This question was left unsolved and it became world famous, because Mileva has died in the meantime and it is speculated that only she knows the answer. It was featured in various scientific newspapers, which were closed after the issue was published.

Impact[edit | edit source]

This question closed numerous BBSes and newspapers, it even closed a church once (black metal guys came into the church and shouted "WHO CAN PROVE THAT 1+1 IS 2?". The church immediately broke into pieces and the architect fled from the country). Conspiracy theorists also believe it caused the Atari video game burial, however, this conspiracy has been dismissed, as the Atari video game burial happened before this question was even posed.

Various research was done on the destruction that this question causes. The known psychologist Kanye West published a scientific paper on this effect, called the "How Can A Simple Question Ruin Everything? Who Can Prove That 1+1 Is 2 Effect". He later quit his career as a psychologist and started his music career.

Possible answers[edit | edit source]

This calculator can maybe prove that 1+1 isn't 2.

Numerous scientists and theorists have been trying to find an answer to this question. Some have been highlighted here.

There is no answer[edit | edit source]

It was suggested that maybe there's no answer to this question at all. This was disproven, as the question wouldn't exist at the first place if there was no answer.[citation needed]

Mileva Maric Einstein[edit | edit source]

As she is the one who originally posed the question, she might know the answer. It is not known for sure whether she knew the answer, as she cannot be asked due to her death.

Kanye West / Flying Spaghetti Monster[edit | edit source]

Because Kanye wrote the paper, it might be possible that he knows the answer. In his song "On Sight", a part of the lyrics says: "A monster about to come alive again", which means that it might be Flying Spaghetti Monster.

A calculator[edit | edit source]

A calculator could say that 1+1 is 2, but why, we don't know.

Mr. T[edit | edit source]

Why not?