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March 29, 2021
I am stepping down from my position as a bureaucrat and an administrator of Uncyclopedia. It has been my pleasure to serve in these roles for many years, and now that time has ended. I will be returning to civilian life as a user: I am still passionate about the project and want to contribute images and reskins. Who knows, maybe I'll even write an article? I am deliberately announcing this before the April 2021 VFS vote so the community will have a chance to replace me in whatever capacity is required.

It is my strongly held belief that the administrative system we currently employ on Uncyclopedia is broken. Being an active admin is an endless river of judgement calls: what is funny and what is shit, what to do about the shit, what to do about the people who smear the shit, and so on, forever. One of the oldest Uncyclopedia in-jokes is making fun of noobs that want to be admins because they don't understand what they are getting into: and the reason it endures is because it is true. And yet we continually make our best and brightest into administrators, then watch as they burn out and leave. Of course no two people are the same - there are examples of admins that still write articles, and there are examples of admins that haven't burned out yet - but those are the minority of cases.

When I proposed admin term limits in January I was shocked at the responses I received. In retrospect I may not have done the best job explaining myself, and also I no longer believe it is correct to set the same length of time for everyone: we all take different paths, some longer than others. But the fact remains that there should be a built-in end point to Uncyclopedia administrative service: not to deter the bad users, but to reward the good users. The way things work now the only reward for being a good admin is an endless river of shit, forever. Human beings are not capable of forever, and any system built upon the assumption that they are is doomed to fail. Every admin should feel free to stand-down and return to civilian life at any time, comfortable in the knowledge that whatever administrative tasks they were involved with will carry on as normal in their absence.

I truly believe that if we can find a way to make Uncyclopedia function independent of specific individuals it will easily outlive all of us.

Peace, Love, & Potatoes,

The Zombiebaron
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