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Have you noticed that a boring list of games has turned into an expensive, colo(u)rful new portal for games? Mr. YTTE of York Street has recently foolishly decided to take it upon himself to redo the Game namespace. So what craters of destruction and mayhem beautiful new stuff has he added? Well here's a quick run down of everything new to the Game namespace. Er, enjoy...

New Game Portal[edit | edit source]

...Well, duh! There's now a new game portal with nice cheerful boxes and a pwetty picture. Also now your game can be featured on the Game namespace, if it's particularly good. A list of the most recent games will also be updated by YTTE and so will a section of statistics.

Game Submission[edit | edit source]

For the moment YTTE wants to keep everything nice and tidy and wants to keep chaos to a minimum. For updating the recent games it's quite important that you leave the editing of the actual list of games to him and instead submit your game to YTTE. This way things are nice and controlled and there isn't a mass crush as everyone dashes out the door to the 80% off sale.

Advice On How To Make A Game[edit | edit source]

Someone, with a little help from someone else have created a preliminary advice page for nwebie game makers, or people who just need a little bit of help. They hope to add more to it in the following centuries. It currently offers a few points to help guide you on how to make a good game.

Help/Blah?/What the hell?![edit | edit source]

If any of those phrases apply to what you've just said to yourself or you generally just want to ask a question or such like ask YTTE on his talkpage. He shouldn't mind too much and the worst that could happen is for you to find a brick flying towards you, but it's only a cyber brick, no need to worry!

Throw A Duck At YTTE Nod And Smile Slowly Back Away