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Ni hao, my name is Xing 38 and I make articles. I am the Chinese version of Spam Removal Unit. I can make color ASCII art for you.

One thing that bothers me is people saying that Xi Jinping looks like Winnie The Pooh. True story. We all will come together, under one! Another thing that bothered me was ThE GrEaT lEaP FoRwArD. One of the best person's dumbest mistakes. And many others, like Taiwan. Thinks it's a country, how cute. Basically a lot of thing happening here in China. I fight for the People's Liberation Army, all the time. I liked the USSR, but they starved everybody, so I didn't like them too much. psst..dont tell the president... we are building miltary bases in the south china sea.. Anyway we are always fighting for NON-COUNTERFEIT items, for example some ruffians make fake eggs. And fake cars. I fight for the People's Liberation Army on here to make Uncyclopedia more COMMUNIST!

a "car"

“an page like many others... OR NOT!!.”

~ Oscar Wilde on User:Xing 38

“in soviet Russia, user page sees YOU!!.”

~ russian reversal on User:Xing 38

Did you know...
  • ... that two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights make an airplane?

ho my god rainbow :D!!!!!
ho my god rainbow :D!!!!!
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ho my god rainbow :D!!!!!
ho my god rainbow :D!!!!!
ho my god rainbow :D!!!!!

troll mathematics[edit]

the secret of troll mathematics is to piss you off



the theory of the infinite numerical expression

first we admit that is the same as

we put the same denominators

then we erase the same denominators

then we pass 3 to the other side dividing

BUT in math we must simplify fractions first before do any thing

the hard you try to make this expression the harder you get stuck in this infinite loop and easily get bat fuck insane



0 goes into 0 one time, then

u mad Pythagoras?

u jelly Archimedes?


btw, the prove of this highly developed formulas is in this highly developed formula:

if this works i dunno lol ¯\(ಥಿ೪ಥ)/¯

how to not fly[edit]

IF the video is not loading please go here

great edits (generally vandalism) on wikipedia[edit]

World War II Jesus
Super Mario 64 User_talk:
WP:FAC/Palpatine Various legal/illegal threats
Bantha vandalism Triforce of Bush
Godfather's origin End of Wikipedia, rise of cookies and milk glass
Kim Jong il's last "title"

CVU userbox vandalism Fr-N userbox vandalism
Admin userbox vandalism Ancient Greece
"My son Minun" "SOCKS"??
"Hitler can break dance!" "breeding ground"
"Belldandy at long term abuse???" Disclaimer{{fact}}
moving the symbol of Italian fascism to the right Bath salts...

FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!