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The Stupidity Begins[edit | edit source]

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This user is a Ninjazi, with dominion over everything that goes "Sieg Heil".
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He did WHAT?!

~ Oscar Wilde on what I did in 2004. I don't know how the fuck he learned, anyway, unle--..HEATH, YOU <insert string of expletives>


~ Rena Ryuuguu on threatening me with big-ass cleaver


~ Big Boss on self-picked codenames

“So I dropped my revolver ONCE. Stop making fun of me about it!”

~ Revolver Ocelot on revenge


~ Hinata Hyuugaa on basically everything I say within her hearing range

And it all began when I registered here, because the shit here's funny.

I wasn't even registered for a full 4 hours and I had uploaded twice as many pictures to Uncyclopedia as I have to Wikipedia.

..And the one I uploaded on Wikipedia was deleted within a few weeks, too. So, I'm totally hanging out here and reading stuff, as well as adding a little bit. Notice Hitlerdog? That was me.

See? SEE?!

WolfZword the Comic Author Guy[edit | edit source]

“Yeah, that first year, I basically just ripped off all the better comics. Bob and George..uh, the fancomics and subcomics there..yeah, those were the only comics I read back then.”

~ WolfZword on being retarded

“For about all that first year, I didn't even know about copying and pasting between MS Paint windows. I drew everything on my own, with the mouse, which is why I never went 16-bit until my brother showed me I could indeed copy and paste between Paint windows. Oddly enough, he didn't start really making comics until I had already had a good one up for about two years.”

~ WolfZword on useful siblings

“I tried more than once to make a comic. I just was never able to stay in the freaking state long enough to really take any of those comics anywhere. I think it was two years ago I was attempting a Red Alert 2 comic, but by the time I returned after having to go back home in Indiana I had completely forgotten about it. Then, this year, I started a combination Halo/Unreal Tournament comic. I have yet to know whether or not that one's going under too because I'm still in Indiana.”

~ WolfZword's brother on making quotes up

Who Wants To Know What Music I Like?[edit | edit source]

How about no. Let's just say "HELL MARCH" and leave it at that.


There, there we go. Come to think of it, the one spoken line in that song is probably Bush's very own catchphrase.

"WE WANT WAR, WAKE THE FUCK UP! Anyone else who doesn't want war, shut the hell up, you're the dumbasses who re-elected me."

I'm done apologizing if it's just plain stupid. Seriously, you guys can edit this page too, y'know. In fact if you do edit my page you'll get free sexy fun.*

* Sexy fun only claimable by single females above the age of 14. I just remembered I'm like a year over the age of consent in Ohio. You have to be at least 16 now. emot-v.gif You'll probably be rejected anyway.

I was nuts once[edit | edit source]

I had a picture of it, too. Hmm..I seem to have misplaced it. If the "My Pictures" folder didn't have like 250+ images in it..

On an entirely unrelated note, I have discovered Muslims are really Neo-Nazis.

“The problem is not between us Muslims and Christians. The only enemy Islam and Christianity have is the Jews. The Jews are using America to fight Islam.”

~ Some Islamic dumbass on Jews

I'm not making this up.

Besides, it's better than thinking Muslims hate America just because they lack the ability to think for themselves and Osama told them to hate us, right?

I Upload Many Stuffs[edit | edit source]

Halloween Disaster X, which was reported on <insert how many days have passed between October 31st and the current date on which you are seeing this caption> days ago.

i m dum. wtf roflcopter.[edit | edit source]

Boba Fett lives in the happy little neighborhood of Simsneighborhoodville. He works in the army and was promoted to Elite before his first day ended. Yes apparently Elite is an actual enlisted rank.

Upon returning home, Boba had to deal with

1.) Highly combustible microwaves which burst into flames upon mere eye contact.

2.) Inexplicably useless fire extinguishers.

3.) Simsneighborhoodville's slow-as-fucking-molasses-in-December traffic jams. There's no reason that the fireman should have taken an hour to get there.

4.) Clogged toilet with ungodly brown masses of liquid in them.

5.) Every other person in the neighborhood being too friendly and not even letting Boba take a shower without ringing the doorbell.

6.) Some astrological dumbass talking about flashing lights and plenty of warning.

7.) Coffee. No way caffeine can affect any human being that quickly.

8.) New limits to his physical strength automatically thrown onto him upon entering the Sims. Jesus zombie-pwning Christ, he couldn't lift anything.

But then I totally stopped playing the Sims. For the time being, probably. It probably won't be until a far time away from now, what with being able to play Half-Life 2.

On a totally unrelated note I had the perfect idea, if I want to make two comics with Garry's Mod. I mean, I already have Grand Theft Auto: City 17.

“Come on, go back to the Single Action Army already. Unlike that Glock, it doesn't fall apart when you pull the trigger.”

~ Revolver Ocelot on shitty Tippmann airsoft guns that fall apart when you pull the trigger


~ Guardian GI on smoking a heaping pile of crack before battle