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  This user hardly ever misspells words.
However, he may intentionally mispell a few. This usually occurs in writing PTLLTTTA.
— Uncyclopedian  —
Born (censored)
Houston, Texas
Name in real life Christian
Nationality I am Mexican American.
Country  United States
Current location I was born there.
Time zone CDT
Height more than 5.5 to 6 ft
Weight Unpleasant, just don't.
Hair Brown color, much nice...
Eyes Also brown too...
Handedness Right has much control, my left not so much
Blood type (censored)
Sexuality Straight ツ
IQ Smart as (censored)
Family and friends
Siblings I have somebody who may look exactly like me
Education and employment
Occupation Some guy suffering quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Employer The one place on earth that everybody hates (and some persons love).
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Based within my first name
Contact info
Website (censored!)
Account statistics
Joined June 21, 2020 (age 0)
First edit My user page... (this lil' edit)
Edit count 582
Signature whytheonlyone (Complain or contribs?)

I try to help with reverting vandalism, as well as helping with ICU tagging and/or QVFDing new pages.


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fr-0.5This user annoys people with his little to no knowledge of Français.

🤠This user uses RedWarn for the quickest vandalism reverts in the west (yee-haw!)
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