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Vlalf Vladislav Vladimir Vlalivich was a East German Sewage Worker and Philosopher.


Vl'Queesha was born 12 September 1752 in West Berlin to Richard, a Nicaraguan blacksmith, and a Prussian barber named Richard. At a young age it became clear that he was a mistake, as he voted for the Green Party and supported US involvement in Finland. Soon after he turned 15 he became older, which was duly noted by the Richards. After he became older the Richards decided to fake his death to get his life insurance to help them buy a third Richard (known as 'the lionheart' for his pedophilic tendencies which were roaring.) He lived on the streets of Sealand until his 21st birthday when he was drafted into the Vietnam War. While in Vietnam he was killed by Richard M. Nixon but managed to unkill himself because 'fourth richards the charm.'