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 Mount St. Helens Score: 2 Moves: 1

> Enter door on the right

You enter the door, and enter the portal to Mount St. Helens.

> Mount St. Helens?

Yes, but it hasn't erupted in a while.

> Wait. Longer intervals between eruptions mean bigger explosions.


> gulp

You gulp.

> look

You are at the base of Mount St. Helens, in Washington. There is scorched earth and dead trees. Also, a shining light is coming from the top of the mountain. It might be important. Actually, it is. That is where the Four Sword is. It is very bright outside.

Grueslayer volcano.PNG

> Cool!

Also, there is a trail straight to it.

> k00l!1!!11#@

And a kid in a green skirt is running towards you.