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 Xyzzy Score: X Moves: ?

> Pronounce "xyzzy"

"Sissy", you say.


You feel the air being whooshed from your lungs. As you lie there, probably dead, you feel your soul being pulled from your body.

Your eyes open, wide. You feel a gentle breeze blowing in a easterly direction. You appear to be on a beach of some sort. There is a shadowy figure standing several meters away. The sea is to the south. There are cliffs to the west, and there is a windowless van of some sort to the east. The sky is a dull shade of gray.

Suddenly, an enormous monster with huge teeth erupts from the ground.

However, you don't have to worry about that, because while you were taking in your surroundings, someone (probably the shadowy figure) sneaked up and stole your genitals (probably to make a windchime), and escaped (probably in the windowless van to the east). It's amazing you didn't feel anything, but he's probably had a lot of practice. As the monster starts to incinerate the beach with its fire-breath, you bleed to death.

*** You've had a power failure ***

Would you like to power back on, turn on the emergency generator, or give up? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):