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 A dark field Score: 2 Moves: 1

> Enter door on the left

You enter the door, and stumble into a gloomy field.

> Look

There is a road named "Grue Highway" (don't worry, it's just a name), a sign saying "Welcome To Grueland! Population: 3,692 People, 22,849 Grues", and a fully-operational motorized bicycle next to it. The motorcycle's keys are in the ignition. Other than that, there is miles and miles of open field to fruitlessly explore, and it's almost sundown. Oh, and there is a pistol on the ground. You also see a catheter and a steak.


> Get catheter and steak

You now have: A catheter and a steak.

> Now, are you sure I won't get eaten by a Grue?