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Hello Admins!
If you're wondering, I found the following below on a page which sucked 
royally.  I Nerved it, and decided to preserve the article below, as 
an example of Absolute Worst Uncyclopedia Article.

It is supposed to Suck.

The original article was: === Mien Kampf === A BOOK ABOUT THE ART OF LOVE

Mien Kampf was a nazi german readers wives monthly pullout magazine. It was written by the well liked Adolf Hitler in 1967, the year of love. It contained sexual illustrations of dwarfs bumming hobo's to nuns with balls. However the littlest hobo the TV series hit our screens in the late 1980's with that catchy theme tune,

'Down the road, 
thats were al always be,
every step I take,
a make a new friend, etc.

The magazine also promoted safe sex, always rape, whilst wearing your Nazi Uniform and if you have a group of young girls you can eat custurd off there little perky boobies. Its all good hearty fun mixed with a dash of genocide, a bit like the dandy with a little extra gusto.

Top Readers wives

  • 1. David ( the Hoff ) Hasslehoff
  • 2. Lassie
  • 3. Frank Bruno
  • 4. The dog from that dog movie
  • 5. JK Rowling
  • 6. jon t coltrane get on the train JT cole train.
  • 7. George W Bush
  • 8. me
  • 9. you
  • 10. who
  • 11. the Dr
  • 12. Whos there?
  • 13. Mr.T (the niggaz gotta big dick) #
  • 14. Another nigga widda big dick
  • 15. Gary Coleman ( a nigga widda a little dick, ar! )