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Here are some things I wrote or cowrote that may be worth reading:

George McClellan [hey this got featured]

Winfield Scott

UnBooks:Employee Manual [this was featured as well, but I didn't write all of it, it's mainly thanks to this guy]

Pledge Drive [Okay, this one probably isn't worth reading]

There are also a bunch of UnNewses I'm too lazy to link to. But a few include: UnNews:Printer software perform not operation possible UnNews:Medvedev discovered to have strings coming from arms, legs UnNews:FAA Inspectors told to not point out airplanes missing wings Those last two are mighty topical!

MAQ [Moderately Asked Questions]

Q: What's with the sir in your name? Do you think you're nobility or something, asshole?

A: No, it's a holdover from a much younger me's decision to name myself in the online game Kingdom of Loathing. For some reason, I assumed everyone would have names like that. I no longer use SirIsaac as a name elsewhere, anyway.

Q: Do you still use this website, dipshit?

A: Not really.

Q: What do you want to do with yourself?

A: Stand up comedy.

Q: Why are you such a jerkface, jerkface?

A: Hey, what's with all the hostility? Seriously.