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This document has been declared confidential by the FBI, the CIA and the DMV.

The secret service has designated this page as completely restricted to any person or persons assuming the role of or otherwise resembling a human being. You may not dwell on this page for more that one hour. You may not leak any information from this page to any other page on the internet. You have the right to remain silent.

If you do not escape from the wrath to come, your internet connection may be terminated, decimated, destroyed, and otherwise altered to run at only 9/10 of your normal speed. It has been highly recommended that you seek a safe haven in one of the aforementioned articles by Silius.

Silius Wrote (Favorites):

Silius Also Wrote:

Silius Did Not Write (But Did Modify):

Silius Photoshopped (Among Others):

National gallery of Spam art.
Abraham Lincoln at his laptop.
Mugshot of George Bailey
A rare Rod Serling sighting on Larry King Live!