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To Determine the Motion of a Cat with a Slice of Buttered Toast Strapped to its Back: Let F_c be the attractive forces of each of the cat's feet to the carpeting (not shown), and let F_bt be the net rotational torque imposed by the carpeting upon the buttered side of the toast. By the 42nd proposition of Murphy's Laws, the system will begin to rotate in a counterclockwise fashion, causing the cat (C) to experience a large measure of confusion. The partially-melted butter (B), which is adhered to the toast (T) by comparatively weak Van der Waals forces, is overwhelmed by the large centrifugal fictional force, though the butterd toast(BT)and cat(C)will in fact cancel out each others forces to fall on thier butter side/feet, causing the buttered ttoast/cat(BT+C) to spin in a colckwise motion. The spinning cat and toast (C+T), having thus divested itself of surplus butter, will then experience tidal drag within the Earth's gravitational field until such time as rotational equilibrium is restored.
Just when you thought hospital food couldn't get any worse.


His very name conjures thoughts of heroism, morality, intelligence, nerdiness, and roleplaying.

Savant13 advanced to Dungeon Master when his level 37 druid died of old age 3 years ago. He is now widely regarded as one of the most experienced and imaginative DMs in South Jersey. He is known for his generosity in treasure and wrath when people act up.

Savant13 is also one of only three high consulars of the Nerdtastic League. High consular is the highest rank in that organization.

Savant13's hobbies include D&D, reading, 1337, godzilla, outsmarting jocks, metaphysics, and campaigning against religious fundamentalism.

Savant13's only published article is Jerkalope