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S0ckpupp3t_n00b (19??-2011) was the alias of a Wikipedian spy who provided helpful anti-Uncyclopedian information for the dirty Wikipedian cause by posing as a regular member. Because of his dangerous role of infiltrating the high-security premises of the Uncyclopedian Resistance's home base, he was eventually discovered to be a traitor and sentenced to execution by Grue. Before he died, he faced a crowd of enraged and jeering Uncyclopedians, who chanted "bastard!" and other insults. As he walked to his execution, he wondered why he deserved to die, and was repulsed by the fact that others wanted to see him burned in Hell. He was forever honored for his sacrifice by Wikipedia, while Uncyclopedian rebels labeled him S0ckpupp3t_n00b, the motherfucker.

Early life[edit]

S0ckpupp3t_noob was born in a nondescript room of nondescript size, presumably in this universe. On one of his birthdays, he received a mysterious package and departed from his home to serve an evil organization out to destroy well-meaning causes like the Uncyclopedian Resistance. Trained in an unknown facility, he learned highly-specialized spying and reconnaissance tactics. His first mission was to infiltrate the Uncyclopedia Archives, providing useful information on the base's technical layouts and future tactics.


S0ckpupp3t_n00b was discovered to be a Wikipedia defect by Uncyclopedian intelligence. While making a daring escape from his country estate, this user was gunned down by secret Uncyclopedian police forces. Surviving his wounds, he was transported to a brief military tribunal, where he was found guilty of seven counts of espionage and one account of being obnoxiously British. On 4 March 2011, he was sentenced to five minutes in a dark room with a Grue, and died shortly after.

Final words[edit]