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HELP![edit | edit source]

(A blatant reference to a Beatles film)

Hello? Hello. This is Rolando8. I need some help. I've nominated/been thinking about nominating three articles and I need your help to make them funny. Here are their Pee Review pages:

Also, I've written one about one of my favourite films (Yellow Submarine) that's been deleted. If you have any suggestions on how I can make it funny, please let me know.

Love and peace (even though I'm not a hippy),



--Rolando8 11:02, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

PS. I must make this announcement.[edit | edit source]

I loved this article because I thought that I would not see US spelling in it. Whilst reading it, I saw the words 'centre', 'sombre', 'humour', 'worshippers' and 'faeces' spelt with US spelling. To make things even worse, there are words from the three major US/UK spelling families; 'centre' and 'sombre' are from the 'centre' family, 'worshippers' is from the 'travelling' family and 'humour' is from the 'colour' family. Also, I passionately loved the phrase 'all of those' because I thought that I would NEVER see it used, and I saw that exact phrase in your article. I wish to sue all the people responsible for my heartbreak. I am VERY serious.