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“Hey giant duck megatron thingy, I'm smarter than the average bear, so don't go shooting fireballs at me! I will feed you meat for some care.”

~ Yogi Bear on Ultra Duck Megatron

“Why does everyone use the Ultra Duck Megatron for tourism!? It only should be visited for being taken care of, much like experts about it do.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Ultra Duck Megatron
The Ultra Duck Megatron before it eats its prey.

Ultra Duck Megatron is a robot duck that was created by the Ultra Duck Professor in 1844 (8652 in duck years). The food that Ultra Duck Megatron eats includes minerals, meat, bones and ground up solar panels. According to the Ultra Duck Professor, the Ultra Duck Megatron is made up of rocks, electric and mechanical materials, and obsidian for the throat. It has been famous throughout the years, and has been used for unusual tourism.

The creator of the Ultra Duck Megatron, known as the Ultra Duck Professor.


The Ultra Duck Megatron was created for an extra part of fun to Earth, as it was made to eat food, prey on animal skeletons, and to shoot fireballs at wanted food. This means that the Ultra Duck Megatron is not just a giant robot duck, but it is also a voracious feeder.

A burnt up skeleton ready to be eaten by Ultra Duck Megatron after shooting the fireball at prey.

It is the only Ultra Duck Megatron ever made, and is not meant or intended to be used as a pet, as it can't move and only uses its brain to eat it's food. Scientists have recently studied that the Ultra Duck Megatron is actually duck genes mutated with minerals and synthetic materials; as it was made to grow much more in size than a true duck. As stated in previous sentences in this paragraph, this resulted in an omnivorous robot duck as it became fully mature.

It is also known that the Ultra Duck Megatron may or may not compete with other large robots and tyrants.


The history of the Ultra Duck Megatron has varied over the years. These are all events that go from brief portions of history, to important events throughout time.

Stages of Development[edit]

  1. Megatron Duckling (1844-1845): The Ultra Duck Megatron is yellow and gray, and cannot eat anything like meat and ground up solar panels yet, as it can only eat ground up bones and drinking milk. It will take a while for it to grow into a strong, healthy robotic duck.
  2. Megatron Fledgeling (1845-1848): The Ultra Duck Megatron now retains silver legs that give it the ability to walk around whilst it can't go out of its territory. It's color and appearance have yet to take final form, and the only changes to its diet are that it can now eat seeds and minced up quarters of bones.
  3. Cocoon (1848-1854): The pupal stage of the Ultra Duck Megatron lasts for 6 years. It's colors of the face, body and beak are the final colors, and the beak and tails' shape are very close to final form, and it preparing to miss its younger times. From this point forward, it will now move any body part it has except for the legs and wings.
  4. Mature (1854-present): The Ultra Duck Megatron now has hot pink feet, and is now sessile and able to eat anything it can today. It is now significantly larger than it's chick and pupal stages, and being an estimate of 86 feet large today. Since it remains sessile now, people tour to see the Ultra Duck Megatron today.

1970's Damage Report[edit]

In 1973 (10457 in duck years), the Ultra Duck Megatron was nearly ran over by a bunch of creepers and Endermen, but the Ultra Duck Professor had to repair the slightly damaged, 4-9 feet long tail of the Ultra Duck Megatron. It's tail was eventually under construction, and for a while it grew back. In 1975 (the exact time this started happening was 10462 in duck years), the tail entirely healed back to when it was for some time before the attack.

The Ultra Duck Megatron scaring off a bunch of the remaining creepers that exploded and slightly damaged the tail of the Ultra Duck Megatron


In popular culture[edit]

The Ultra Duck Megatron had became used in popular culture which lead from it being famous. These appearances include:

  • The Ultra Duck Megatron made an appearance in Godzilla vs. the Robots.
  • According to the original depiction of the Ultra Duck Megatron before eating its prey, Gregg Mills said it was "A friendly giant robot duck (that is shaped like a toilet)!". It does not always seem this way, and will seem friendly only when it doesn't have time to compete or when it doesn't have time for eating it's food and prey.
  • The Ultra Duck Megatron made an appearance in Huehie in Duckland.

Care facts[edit]

These are important facts about the Ultra Duck Megatron in order for it to survive and go onward throughout life. Below is s list of them.

You and some other people need to feed the Ultra Duck Megatron, this is one important thing to do. A quick way to follow this step is make a bowl of gourmet meat and bones. First, pour out some bone meal and chicken ribs. Then, cut the chicken up and mix it all up. Next, pour some broth into the bowl and mix it up. Afterwards, cook it in the oven or microwave and set the timer to 25 minutes. Then, visit the Ultra Duck Megatron and put the bowl on the ground. The duck will then eat it and feel satisfied.

It is also good to make or find some milk-coated bones and give them to the Ultra Duck Megatron. Some markets and Petsmart have milk-coated bones for sale, and buy them so you can start. If you didn't have enough money, put some bones in a bowl and pour your milk on them. If you were able to follow either of the steps, go to the Ultra Duck Megatron and put the milk-coated bones on the ground. It will then enjoy the milk-flavored bones, and will become happy. This will also give the Ultra Duck Megatron some nourishment.

A lucky way for taking care of the Ultra Duck Megatron is to feed it some lapis lazuli. Get a pouch and put a cup and some of the lapis lazuli you need in it. Then, get your food, drink, water, and all other supplies ready- and you'll be set! Put the lapis lazuli in the cup, and then feed the Ultra Duck Megatron the lapis lazuli. The Ultra Duck Megatron will then 'drool' the now wet lapis lazuli out. This will make the Ultra Duck Megatron happy, and this is a great sign of foot luck.

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