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Aunty Semite is the star of the Aunty Semite Show, a TV and Radio show popular in the mid-west of the USA, central Europe and amongst a number of Middle Eastern nations, particular those currently under occupation. Formerly named The Aunty Semite Half Hour, the show itself was a spin off from the earlier Nights of Mary Phagan Show and the "Anne and Leo" Frank Discussion Time radio shows.

Aunty Semite Show[edit]

Cast Members[edit]

Aunty Semite: Seen by many as a lovable Aunty figure, noted as the "people's voice" a number of modern historians view her vocal contributions to the debate as the main reason that America did not enter the Second World War until 1942. Despite her protestations she could not convince the country's leaders that they were fighting on the wrong side.

Father D Niel O'Locust: Catholic Father ordained by Pope Pius XII himself

General Ordernumbereleven: Elderly former soldier who fought under Ulysses S. Grant

The show was an early vehicle for Country and Western singing star Krystal Nacht. Backed by the Aryan Brotherhood Band, Krystal scored a number one hit in 1978 with the song “Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue”, which was dedicated to the stirling work of Dr Josef Mengele.