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This is proof that I, Kip the Dip, created The word parakeet written exactly two hundred and forty-two times under an anonymous IP, and why I rue the day I ever did it.

Evidence from Wikipedia[edit | edit source]


On the exact same day (August 5) that I created the parakeet page, I made an almost identical parakeet page on Wikipedia. It was later deleted, and I was banned for 31 hours. The deletion log of Wikipedia confirms that the alleged page was indeed created. Notice the admin to delete it was MZMcBride. If you go to my talk page you will see that MZMcBride informed me of my ban two minutes later.

Update[edit | edit source]

Manforman has pointed out flaws in my argument on the talk page. Indeed, I could have very well made up the Wikipedia evidence just to make it seem like I did it. That's why I contacted the admin that huffed it to view when it was created. They showed me this:

20:56, 4 August 2007 (deletion log) (Restore) . . The word parakeet written exactly two hundred and fourty three times (←Created page with 'parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet parakeet pa...')

Copied from my Wikipedia talk page. As it turns out, I created the Wikipedia vandalism several hours before I did it on Uncyclopedia. The fact that it was deleted there several minutes after our version was created is just a coincidence. If you wish, you can go to Wikipedia yourself and ask another admin when it was created to see if I'm telling the truth.

By the way Manforman, I am an attention whore. ; )

Why I did it[edit | edit source]

I'm truly embarrassed and ashamed to admit this, but every once and awhile I have vandalised Uncyclopedia while logged out. Ask Famine, he will confirm it. It wasn't anything serious. Just minor things that I knew would get deleted in a heartbeat. Mainly I did it because it amused me to see it on QVFD. Some of the pages I made:

Have you ever saw a page like Penisgina left by vandals, and you knew it would be huffed very shortly, but it was still funny? That's what I did. It gave me a sick pleasure to create these vandalisms.

So naturally, I created The word parakeet written exactly two hundred and forty-two times. I had read about the original on HowTo:Get Banned and other places on the site. I knew if I made this page it would get deleted and that would be that. Or so I thought...

Why people love it[edit | edit source]

While most nonsensical pages are a one-liner, this one has many factors to it:

  • Count it up and you will see that it has exactly 242 parakeets. The idea that someone took that much time to get it correct is ridiculously silly.
  • The fact that a page with 243 parakeets was unacceptable but one with 242 is considered worthy is a joke in itself.
  • Another inside joke is that one of the parakeets died. (Spang is under high suspiscion.)
  • A basic rule of comedy is that words with the 'k' sound are funny.
  • The parakeet is a parrot, a bird that repeats itself. lol.

If this were 2005 or 6, I believe this would have become an excellant in-joke.

Why I hate it[edit | edit source]

The last thing Uncyclopedia needs is another stupid page. Haven't we had enough pages that contain only repetition of one single word, letter, or phrase? How long until another one of these pages is created? When for the love of Sophia will it ever get old?

The worst part is knowing that I was the one that made this abomination. I was the one that unleashed the stupidity unto this wonderful website. I also feel that my inane vandalism will get more attention than any of the pages I put effort in will ever receive. In the end, I deserve this. It's karma; poetic justice if you will. By this day I vow never to vandalise Uncyclopedia ever again. (Update from da future: Wow, that was obviously bullshit.)

This page mocks me. It's like an annoying bird that repeats the same thing over and over. Will I ever be relieved of this heaviness on my heart?

Quoth the parakeet, "Nevermore."