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Warning!! The following article may be listed as robot porn, but nobody cares, really. I mean, go light a bong, and then go jack off. Jinno would like that. R.I.P. Uncyclopedia, we hope this rots in hell.[edit | edit source]

  • Jinno was one of the first 253,234 members of the original FEP.
  • Jinno was originally known as [Ginjin], but later changed to Jinno after obtaining the name from Marth and his good buddy Roy.
  • Jinno once served as an RP Moderator on the original site.
  • Jinno was made the Demigod of Anime Stills, for his Fire Emblem-ifying of One Piece characters. Unfortunately, there were just about 200 other "demigods of sprites".
  • Jinno role played as Brandon Stage in the ever popular Advanced roleplay Fate: Into the Eternal (FItE), but the group disbanded after arguments amongst themselves and The Hamburglar.
  • Jinno left FEP in spring of 2005 to join a professional gymnastic and chiropracticing team; most assume it is because of his cheerleader fetish. Others assume it was FItE's disbanding... No one is to be sure.
  • Jinno is Bisexual, like best friend and extremely talented Japanese guitarist Hizaki, but unfortunately he was never raped by Michael Jackson, unlike Hizaki.[edit | edit source]

  • Jinno returned in summer of 2006 after being gone for nearly a year. He quickly got back into the trap door which he fell into during his first FEP experience. It keeps him nice and cozy.
  • Jinno's Craziness Board topics ([1])have become some of the most spammed threads on FEP's entirety.
  • Jinno now roleplays as Brandon Waldron ([2]) in FEP's new Role Play boards, based in Wardea. He's probably just about the lamest character in the entire roleplay.

Xbox Live[edit | edit source]

  • Jinno plays mostly Halo 2 on NES.
  • Jinno one time played halo 2 for like 457 hours, 34 minutes, and 21 seconds.
  • Jinno has an Xbox 360 and has purchased many downloadable games off of the Market Place, most likely including Joust.
  • Jinno has a Gamerscore over 36, and is in the Recreation group, as opposed to having 1337 BXR MLG SKILLZ in the Pro group.
  • Many assume that when Elmo's Adventure comes out no other game will grace Jinno's Xbox 360's Disc Tray.

Jinno's Real Life[edit | edit source]

  • Jinno was born into the world as Indiana Jones, on February 12, 2136 at 3:30 AM in a small Hungarian town.
  • Contary to popular belief, Jinno's real name is not Brandon. See above.
  • Jinno has lived in many places in his life including [Texas] , [Georgia] , [Indiana] , in front of the X-box, and most recently, The Internet
  • Jinno's IP will reveal that he lives in a small town in [Indiana], but all know that [the internet] is where he truly lives.
  • Jinno has obsessed with many things including Halo, Digimon, Halo, Dick Cheney Fire Emblem, Halo, and recently a cross dresser named Bob who fooled Jinno. Did I forget to mention Halo?
  • Jinno eats a lot of Dominoes Pizza, a food that he believes will one day dissappear off the face of the earth, and also a small video game company that sells lots of clown crap.
  • Jinno is pro-choice, and by choice he means that you should just go and abort your fucking children.
  • Jinno has the Shame Of Hairy Nipples. They are grotesque, large, and very, very ugly. They sort of look like Popeye's face. Only uglier.

Jinno> Hizaki > SaS < Jinno[edit | edit source]

  • SaS is pwned by Jinno. Obviously.
    • But Hizaki pwnz SaS, a baby turtle, and Michael Jackson. All at once. Jinno is apparently on the short end of the stick. Poor Jinno.
      • Hizaki wishes he were Jinno on those cold lonely nights.

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