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My stress level: I'm on a roof with a rifle

I am Dennis DaMenace, an uncyclopedian, the evil alter-ego of the encyclopedian with a similar, but not entirely unequivalent, yet same-sounding name.


Here are some pics I made when I had nothing better to do...these are images you may use to describe your stress level (e.g. on your personal page), inspired by similar stress images on Wikipedia.

Insert this code into your page to load a random stress image each time:

Link to an image by using the following code:
[[Image:UncycloStressLevel-0.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Describe your stress level....]]

There are 7 different images describing different stress levels:

Lvl 0 - Barely breathing
Lvl 1 - Sucker
Lvl 2 - Surfing for Porn
Lvl 3 - Running in circles
Lvl 4 - Diabolical
Lvl 5 - ADHD
Lvl 6 - On a roof with a rifle

Photochops of mine[edit]

Ronald McHitler.
The catapult that hurls catapults.
Harry Potter's hit album - "Imagine all the money".
John Lennon's hit album - "The goblet of weed".
Big mother is watching you - and she might eat you.

Björn Borg - the assimilated famous Swedish tennis star.
The real thoughts of Obi-wan Kenobi.
That's no moon - that's Wikipedia!
Wookie Goldberg, before the shave for fame.
M. Night Shyamalan - always with a twist. Or?

Other creations I've dabbled through[edit]

Useless Links[edit]