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Things you can do…

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The easiest thing to do if you are a new contributor is to find existing UnReviews on which you have some form of expertise and edit them. If you feel your topic hasn't been reviewed yet, you can create a new UnReview, but you are encouraged to check here first.

Become Involved!

These are the current tasks that need special attention:

  • Requests: Users want these things to be reviewed.
  • Cleanup: No UnReviews yet!
  • Pages needing Pee Review: none.
  • Pages to be Moved:
Pages that need to be moved into the UnReviews namespace
  • Urgent Tasks: New UnReviews need to be made and old mainspace articles that fit UnReviews criteria need to be transferred to this namespace.

About UnReviews

UnReviews is a sister project of Uncyclopedia. UnReviews is a collection of film, book, and product reviews that will conveniently tell you exactly how you feel about these films, books, and products. These reviews are often crude, rude, and Content-free.

New user information

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