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UnReviews:The Fighter (2010)[edit | edit source]


"I think this is the greatest boxing movie of all time, because it has lots of stuff in it about boxing. My mother told me not to watch this film as it has naughty language in it and lots of violence, but my girlfriend told me that I should not be such a pushover and ignore her, but I can't do that because they're my family.

The film was also good because it had lots of neat touches that no-one recognises, like how we spliced what we filmed with actual footage from the original fights of Micky Ward's. The director did not want to waste the time with this as no-one would really notice, but I had to because my uncle said that artsy-fartsy types would appreciate it, and he's my family. I can't say no to him.

Another cool thing about this film, was that a lot of the stunts we did were real, even the boxing matches where I had severe concussions. At one point, I had to go see a doctor, and he told me that if I continued filming this way, it would inevitably result in severe mental retardation, but my father said that I needed to make the stunts look as real as possible, and I can't disrespect his wishes. He's my family. (See more...)

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