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the kids these days

the kids these days don't listen to me anymore
when I tell them they should study Japanese and learn C
they're all too busy staring at their iPhones

staring into the void of consumerism
not understanding it was Jesus who said
Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's

but give unto God that which is God's
the kids these days listen to their trap rap
because they think that Caitlyn Jenner is a female

but if Caitlyn Jenner's a female then why
did I watch him win a gold medal as a man? explain that
kids these days, who don't listen to me

when I tell them that I'm lonely and I need
the respect that's due to people my age
because the kids these days have entitlement problems

and that's why that 17-year-old girl got that restraining order
against me 'cause the kids these days, they're too busy
staring at their phones, staring into the void

instead of staring up at me and saying teach me
teach me how to be alive and show me the way
show me the way to live