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The factual basis for this UnNews[edit source]

For the benefit of our dear Uncyclopedians stuck Outside The Country:

  • Joe Biden did really say that; indeed at two rallies on that day. Romney wants to weaken the Dodd-Frank financial-institution reform and Biden called that a plan to "unchain" the banks and added that Romney would "put y'all back in chains." He has backtracked from those remarks, but Charlie Rangel has said the comparison to slavery was intentional and apt.
  • Biden did famously complain that convenience-store employees were mostly foreigners, in remarks where he made a lame attempt to imitate an Indian accent.
  • Biden did propose a three-way partition of Iraq, often cited by conservative commentators to prove that "he has never been right about anything." (The following remark about dividing oil rights to avoid a war is nothing Biden said, but a wisecrack on my part.)
  • Biden did endorse gay marriage, and some Democrats feel it upstaged Obama, coming two weeks before his own announcement on the issue. My postscript about coming to Washington to get a marriage license is because no one does or should, as marriage is almost totally an issue for the separate states.
  • Obama administration spokesmen, and TV commentators like Chris Matthews, have indeed tried to read race into Republican rhetoric and have called attention to the three items in my list. (Each list item extrapolates to things these people never said, to ridicule them.)
  • Paul Ryan is criticized by Democrats for the harshness of his proposals, and by his fellow Republicans for talking too much about impending crises rather than an optimistic message of growth. His explanation of the "Republican slavery proposal" is patterned after both tendencies.
  • Transporting blacks on car rooftops after their purchase harks back to the notorious episode where a young Mitt Romney stuck an incontinent dog in a carrier on the roof of his car--an event that has commentators wondering which man will win the approval of the Canine Community.
  • And Biden was indeed one of the first to recognize Obama as a rising Democratic star, with exactly that outrageous comment. (The outrage is, as Nancy Reagan said after Bush declared himself a "compassionate conservative": "What does that make the rest of us?!") Spıke ¬ 20:41 31-Aug-12