UnNews:Wikipedia finally sued by Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica for plagiarism

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Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Finally, wikipedia, a website full of idiots, is finally being sued by Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica for plagiarizing us, this lawsuit was 16 years overdue. This all started when wikiHow was sued by HowTo for plagiarism.

YES, we win! No more Wikipedia!

The court meeting was today, and Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica won the lawsuit. Causing Wikipedia to shut down and Jimmy Wales to cum all over the place, go broke and live on the streets and cum all over his box all the time. We also heard that Jimmy will be executed by being pushed into a meat grinder tomorrow. Us at Encyclopedia Dramatica and Uncyclopedia are very happy with Wikipedia shutting down. We now have Jimmy Wale's stupid money, which means we own a Lamborghini and a MASSIVE house. We even own a fucking Gibson Les Paul murphy lab, ultra heavy aged, not a shitty Epiphone Les Paul.

Speaking of Wikipedia, since nobody can learn, they now have to go to Uncyclopedia to get dumb and live on the streets. And O.J Simpson sucks.