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The ape is 100% not happy with wikiHow at all.

29 June 2021

Look's like wikiHow's fucking stupid idiots are being sued by HowTo for plagiarizing us badly, the court meeting was today, and the judge found the owners of wikiHow GUILTY AS FUCK for over 2.5 octodecillion counts of plagarisimó, murder, piracy and saying the n word in public, among other shit sins. The owners are being sentenced to death and OVER 9000 years in prison with no chance of parole for 900 years (The hell with that goddamn motherfucking bullshit), we would like to show you their shit pickle cell, but the guards won't let us, they told us that the cell is rather large, but it only has a bed, a toilet, a sink and a super revealing shower, and then make them throw up and scream like a LITTLE GIRL and go to Camp Fuck You Die. in HEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!!!!

The judge even told us that they are going to be executed by being pushed into a meat grinder, the room has a HowTo wallpaper with the words "Acerola is the best waifu", then puke and scream like a LITTLE GIRL for the very last time. Showing how superior HowTo is over wikiHow. The whole world is celebrating that wikiHow is dead.

They also told us that wikiHow will be shut down tomorrow, the owners will also be executed tomorrow and anyone who tries to archive wikiHow will be killed by being shot. We laughed so hard we pissed ourselves, because wikiHow is like puking on a pile of shit!

Massive update: The owners of wikiHow have been executed by being pushed into a meat grinder. There's a bullet in their head, they are now dead! (hay look! A rhyme!). No funeral was held for obvious reasons that they are pieces of fucking dogshit, and they were buried in a shit pickle grave labeled "Founders of the shitfest that is wikiHow, Wii will not miss them." Their last words were marked as "Eww, HowTo, fuck HowTo. wikiHow ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOlllzzzz (earrape loud scream)......"

Author update: SOMEONE tried to archive wikiHow, they got shot to death by the FBI!