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20 November 2008

Ain't no oranges in this picture, though the artist is the same. Can you solve the riddle?

IT has been announced the Uncyclopedia has become “Full of crashing bores.” The comment was sported by President Mombuzo of Africa, in response to the repeated accolades going towards poor writers and articles.

Allegedly the Morrissey-esqe response was prompted by the lack of subtle and intelligent humour on the site along with petty power hunger amongst notable users and freaks.

This comes a nearly year after the dire famine was cleansed from the land, however now a terrible drought from Hurricane Wikia looks set to wreak yet more havoc on the internet community. President Mombuzo also commented at the lack of support for intelligence due to personal insecurities and the fact that today’s youth is so poorly educated:

"I suppose it’s not their fault, but they do suck so badly. I have great fears that our great country, The Dark Continent of such great internet legend will fall prey to Aborigine attacks due to poor cultural knowledge or refinement... Or just general ignorance."

International views have been divided, President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia commented that a “strong leader had been lost and morons are leading the site into a whore's cunt.” These strong views have sent shudders globally on the issue of Uncyclopedia's humour content.

Complaints were made a year ago of massive fallout due to the creative drought, and many comments have been made on the content since, however many voices have remained silent due to fears of assassination by the Cabal or 'moron bully tactics.'

It seems the puny warlords that have arisen in the drought have hijacked the site with their stupid contributions, and have gathered a following amongst the 'special people' of the internet.

The solutions to the problem have yet to truly be realised, however many hope that the Cabal, known for their contributions to the Stanford prison experiment, will return the site to the prosperity and control of the chattering classes and adults.