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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Good afternoon. I assume most of you are camped out in line to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or still debating whether it's Yanny or Laurel. Seriously, people, it's Laurel (or more specifically Yaurel). Back to your lives, people. And don't spoil Jurassic World; I'm seeing it tonight.

The reason I'm writing this article is to make note of an UnNews editorial change, one so subtle you'll probably have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, like when an audiophile raves about the benefits of high resolution or analog/vinyl.

After discussing it with Leverage, and leverage, I have decided that the UnNews logo should not only remain on the top center of the page, as it has been, but it will also link to the UnNews main page.

Here's the deal with the logo. For the past 12 years, Uncyclopedia used to display, in the top left corner, the logos for Uncyclopedia, UnNews, Forums, UnScripts, UnTunes, etc. When MediaWiki updated to version 1.30 back in February, this no longer became possible. Thanks to these barbaric monkeys, logo handling is broken and the only logos you'll see there are Uncyclopedia, Uncycloversity, and Commons (last time I checked). I decided to counter this by adding the UnNews logo to every new article I write or heavily contribute to.

I then decided, for the sake of convenience, to add the logo to the pre-loaded page you see whenever you create a new UnNews article. Leverage got confused and thought it would be better on the bottom. After explaining the situation, I went back to my version. And just today, I decided the logo could serve its former function by linking to the UnNews main page like in the pre-1.30 days.

You were never going to notice this anyway, but I just thought I'd make a note of it just in case you actually gave a shit. Now back to your mundane, boring lives, people.


UnNews Logo Potato.png
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