UnNews:Third Reich promises crackdown on "Kikes 'n Commies"

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14 December 2006

SS Officers are gleaming with joy as a result of this crackdown.

BERLIN, Germany -- Nazi officials have pledged to continue a crackdown on criminal political dissent a day after agents arrested 1,200 Jewish Bolsheviks at banks across Sie Vaterland. Propagandaministerium Joseph Goebbels said the arrests had uncovered flagrant violations of Racial Purity and Goodthink laws.

Most of the bankers arrested at the First Bank of Deutschland in Munich are from the despicable, barbarous climes of Israel. The Bank said it did not knowingly hire illegal immigrants; however, this still resulted in deportation to der Führer's own summer camp in central Poland.

The arrests followed a 10-month investigation into alleged Jewish-Bolshevik bankers suspected of disrespecting the NSDAP.

"Violations of our racial purity laws and political dissent often go hand in hand," Dr Goebbels said. He said an investigation into the sale of banned books to Jew-Bolshevik conspirators was continuing.

Immigration and customs official Hans Dönitz said political dissent was making banned book sale the fastest-growing crime in Germany, Goebbels news agency said. There are an estimated 12 million Jew-Bolshevik conspirators not in summer camp.