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13 July 2008

Uncyclopedia, THE INTERNET: After a day without UnNews articles, Uncyclopedia collectively groaned as an UnNews article was drafted today solely and for no other reason than to combat this trend. This is that UnNews article.


The Uncyclopedia administrator, Cabal Grand High ArchWizard, and creator of this article TheLedBalloon took some time to speak with Grand High ArchUnNews Reporter TheLedBalloon about the UnNews. "It really is a big day for me," said Mr. Balloon. "I'm finally making a difference, you know? I think we all want to go out and make a difference in life, to be someone that makes an impact on someone else's life. Some people try to make a negative impact, like serial killers that only go after the handicapped. People like me, on the other hand, are out to make a positive impact, like crippled human population control and gene pool defect removal specialists. They're the unsung heroes of our society, and I only hope that today I've done them justice."