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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Experts have not ruled out that it could be this.

As part of our continued investigation into something that might have happened, UnNews has new information about something that might happen.

According to several reputable sources, an event of some or no importance may or may not occur tomorrow. This has led to much speculation about how the event will unfold, if at all, what has led up to it, if anything, and what can be done about it, if it even happens. It also remains unclear what relation this thing has to whatever might have happened before.

There is widespread and isolated concern or indifference surrounding the issue, with some thinking it could be a positive thing, others believing it might be a negative thing, and others still uncertain if it will even happen. Some percentage of people have never heard of it and some percentage does not care. Regarding the possibility of something happening, one expert on such matters told UnNews, "It is possible."

It is expected some people may be affected by it, although how many, why, how, when, where, and who remains unclear. Despite the uncertainty, one thing is apparent from our ongoing investigation: something might happen tomorrow.