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Saturday, September 14, 2019


Sam Smith's family have thanked fans for their compassionate response to the singer's decision to change pronouns to "they" and "them".

"They [Smith] really appreciate them [the fans]," a family spokesperson said. "They [Smith] had been going through one of the hardest periods of their [Smith's] life, and they [the fans] really came through for them [Smith]."

"Some of them [the fans] found out where they [Smith] live and actually sent them [Smith] some flowers. They [Smith] were not expecting them [the fans] to send them [Smith] them [the flowers]."

Smith's decision has also had a knock-on effect on fans, who have in turn asked the singer to change their pronouns.

One Twitter user, Alex said, "Wes [we] want to be referred to with an s, to distinguish uses [us] fans from the people out there who don't respect Sam.

"Oh shit, we call them 'them'!"


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