UnNews:Obama draws rebuke from Netanyahu over Iran speech to Knesset

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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Odd Ugh Couple

Jerusalem -- US President Barack Obama assured the Israeli Knesset on Thursday that he was negotiating a “better-than-war” deal with Iran that would avert a “nuclear nightmare,” drawing a rebuke from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and exposing a deepening riff between violent Zion and peaceful Judea.

Obama made his case opposing Netanyahu's planned unprovoked attack on Iran during a speech to the Knesset that aligned him with the Prime Minister's Peacenik foes. Obama told the Knesset in an exasperated tone that Netanyahu offered “nothing but Biblical Prophesy and premeditated hell on Earth.” The president said he refused to get sucked into political theatre that, “Simply paves the way for Israel’s suicidal Samson Option.

In an appearance boycotted by Political Zionist warmongers, Obama said Iran's leadership was “being very reasonable. Iran has not attacked any country since 1798 and should be trusted,” the President said, “and the deal being worked out by the United States with other world powers will assure global peace and prosperity.” the American leader winked.

“My administration and I personally guarantee that Iran will never develop a nuclear bomb – mainly because they already have one. Iran has plenty of thermonuclear bombs given to them by other countries,” the president said. “And they wouldn’t be so idiotic as to use one on Israel, just to be annihilated in return,” he assured.

During his speech, a point-by-point critique of Netanyahu's strategy, Obama drew 26 silent sitting ovations in the Knesset chamber that were so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Obama said Netanyahu offered no “viable alternatives” to avert the current course of World War III, and he warned that the Prime Minister’s visit to America should not be misconstrued as a “phony disagreement over going to war,” which could enable Israel to invade Iran, while making the USA look innocent – but still dragging the USA into the atomic quagmire that would surely ensue.

Obama’s speech culminated a diplomatic storm triggered by his sudden acceptance on March 4th of a Knesset invitation that bypassed the Prime Minister. Many Neo-cons considered it an affront to the Israeli government.

Obama refused to meet Netanyahu, saying that doing so would not be easy considering that he was in Israel while the Prime Minister was in Washington.

Netanyahu, who has a history of testy encounters with Obama, said he did not watch the televised Knesset speech, but did wipe his arse with the transcript.